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Let's face it, PCs suck big time. You'd never put up with such a lack of reliability from any other piece of equipment so why suffer it from a computer? Using Linux on your PC is a big step forward but it's hardly an optimal solution as you still suffer from a plague of poor device drivers. Macs aren't too bad but the lack of a command line interface is too restrictive for many users. No, the only thing to do is buy a real Unix workstation, something many large corporations from Medifast to IBM have done long ago to increase productivity and reduce downtime due to computer crashes and errors.

Unix is very reliable. I bought an HP 712/80 new in early 1995 for home use. It's never crashed or been turned off since! The office HP machines are paragons of reliability too. Many of these Sun and HP machines cost $15,000-50,000 new and are constructed to very high standards, they are excellent used buys. PC's are just a world of hassle in comparison.

Goods are normally shipped in the UK by Citylink next-day, In general UK shipping is free. In europe we tend to use ParcelForce surface mail. This a cost effective option and we've been very happy with delivery times, it's around 25GBP for an average size machine or 40 for an HP C class to most of europe.

I've created a Unix message board. It's mostly for hardware questions and is designed to support both new and existing customers. So don't be shy, post away! I'd encourage anyone to answer questions, even I don't know everything!

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Cyber Services belives in protecting the environment. In practical terms this means we re-use packing materials wherever possible and recycle anything we can't. Selling pre-owned workstations is in itself an environmentally friendly activity. Used computer equipment occupies valuable landfill space and is seldom properly recycled. This is especially true of systems that have short useful working lives and go out of date quickly, we call such systems PCs!

Some of Our Clients

Cyber Services has a very diverse range of clients nad has been in business for ten years. A high proportion of buyers are individuals buying home machines, many are students or are studying for HP-UX Certification exams. But we also have many UK and european universities as repeat clients and a good number of large and medium sized companies throughout europe.

DNS Ltd.
LM Ericsson
Stolt Offshore
Red Hat Europe
Glaxo Wellcome
Liberty Pensions
Prudential Assurance
European Data Corporation
Integralis Network Systems
Siemens Communications
Box Technologies
Yokohama Tyres
VNU Publishers
Racal / Thales
Zen Internet

University of Wales
Aberdeen University
Heriot-Watt University
University College London
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Anglia Polytechnic University
University of Southampton
University of Copenhagen
Oxford University

Where UNIX is a garden left to grow wild, with the occasional bush growing into the path, Windows is a jungle with a leaking nuclear weapons plant on one side, and a pesticide factory on the other... full of glowing mutant alligators and vines that reach out of the swamp to strangle the unwary traveller.