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I am a true BMW addict. For me no other car combines the build quality, handling and style of a BMW. Until you've driven a well set up rear wheel drive car you don't know what you're missing. This site is mainly dedicated to older BMWs, I'm not keen on the current crop. Why not follow a few of the links below....

My own BMWs. Cars I've owned or would like. Mods & tips. Improvements & fixes for my own BMWs.
E & M numbers. What are they? What's your BMW? Model range. Detailed info about all BMWs.
BMW isn't perfect. Ideas for improving the marque. Resources. Interesting sites and suppliers.
Alpina BMW's aftermarket tuner. Future BMWs What's next from Munich.
Books Selection of book reviews. US Differences. BMWs differ the world over!
Garage guide Reviews of BMW garages in your area. Nerd Purity Test How big a nerd are you?
Buyers check list All you should know about used BMWs. Engine Problems Common engine problems.
Parts CDROM Parts for classic BMWs! The Lost V's Early V8 & V12 BMW didn't produce.
BMW History Pre-1960 BMWs. Non BMWs Other cars a Nerd could drive.
Best Value BMWs Nerd's guide to the best BMWs. Abbreviations An explanation of BMW acronyms.
Insurance UK insurance group ratings.. Gearing Calculator Sad little Javascript gearing utility.

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I'd really like your feedback about what you've found useful or would like to see added to these pages.

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