A Chaotic Collection of All the Things I'm Nuts About, Especially BMWs!

I'm John G. Burns from The Highlands of Scotland and I really love the place. Read more about me on this page.

If you love driving as much as I do then buy a BMW, truly the Ultimate Driving Machine and much cheaper to own than you'd think. See my BMW addicts page which contains lots of information and tips. Driving up here on single track roads requires a bit more care than you may be used to.

Anyone who's serious about computing and wishes to retain their sanity uses Unix or maybe an Apple Mac. You can run Unix on a PC with Linux. But the best idea is to get a dedicated Hewlett Packerd Unix workstation or possibly a Sun, probably the best computers in the world. My HP 9000/712 hasn't been turned off in over 7 years and has never crashed in all that time! I sell used HPs, SGIs and Suns cheaply throughout europe, see my Unix sales page.

Please email your comments and requests to john@unixnerd.demon.co.uk I always reply to my mail. If you don't hear from me your reply address was invalid, you'd be amazed how often that happens!